I’ve been thinking about starting my own Pokemon Idea type blog.  Mainly because I think about ideas for Pokemon on a daily basis…  Here’s one that has been haunting me for years…

The Japanese Macaque

They are the most northern-living primate (other than humans) and they live in areas where snow covers the ground most of the year.  They have red faces, brown fur, and stubby little tails.


One of the reasons I think the Japanese macaque would be a perfect Pokemon is the opportunity to represent the unused Water/Fire and Ice/Fire types PERFECTLY.  It could easily be ice-type because of it’s habitat (it’s also known as the snow monkey).  It would be suited just as well for a Water type, because they are known to bathe in hot springs.  The Fire type comes in from the hot springs and the fact that their faces are bright red.

Name Ideas?

Thermate? Steamonkey?